We're a Canadian/Costa Rican boutique travel company specialising in working with you to build the perfect Costa Rican vacation that fits your criteria and budget.  Let us arrange accommodation, transportation and tours (arranging flights is also an option).  We're here to make your visit the experience dreams are made of and rest assured that you'll have an English speaking guide at your disposal 24/7.

Costa Rica has a richly diverse landscape ranging from tropical rain forests to volcanoes, deserted beaches, turtle islands and nature reserves.  There is much to see and many ways to explore from hiking to horseback riding to guided safari or ATV tours, boat cruises and even canopy zipline excursions.  You can swim with the dolphins, go coastal fishing, whale watching (June to October), snorkeling, kayaking or simply unwind and do a spot of sunbathing.  The choice is entirely yours.


The North Pacific side of Costa Rica has great year-round weather and even during the rainy season (May to November), the days are almost always sunny with the rain coming in the evenings, and the temperature is always hot and pleasant  (average temperatures are around  27°C or 80°F). This climate is what creates such a beautiful lush, green landscape.


Rice and bean dishes are very popular in Costa Rica (perfect if you're vegetarian), but the fresh and colourful cuisine doesn't stop there.  This abundant country is also famous for a wide variety of typical dishes that use all the magnificent, locally grown fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as well as a wide range of seafood caught by local fishermen.  




Costa Rica supports a wide variety of ecosystems within the country, ranging from tropical rainforests to deciduous, cloud and mangrove forests. This is due in part to its geographical location between the North and South American continents. Within the Nicoya Peninsula itself, there are two protected reserves - Curu Wildlife Reserve and Cabo Blanco. Curu Wildlife Reserve alone encompasses five different habitats ranging from marine zones to mangrove swamps to tropical dry and moist forest.



Costa Rica has the highest density of biodiversity anywhere in the world which is quite astounding given that it covers less than one-third of a per cent of the Earth's landmass (roughly the size of West Virginia). It's home to over 500,000 species and hundreds are endemic to Costa Rica. On the North Pacific side, you can expect to see a variety of frogs, monkeys (Whiteface, Howlers, Spider Monkeys, etc) as well as Coati, Agoutí, Armadillos, Sloths and Whitetail Deer. And off the coast, you'll see whales (June to October) and dolphins. 



Costa Rica is well known for its number and variety of stunning beaches along the North Pacific coast.


Here's a few worth mentioning: Tortuga island, Playa los Vivos, Tamarindo, Hermosa, Flamingo, Avellans, Santa Teresa, Montezuma and Playa Tambor.


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